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Friday, April 1, 2011

Sidebar: Our Marriage Will End The World

Alright, so maybe that title is an overly-dramatic extrapolation from this article about how there is a religious leader who is predicting that the world will end of the day of our nuptials.

Evangelical minister Harold Camping has predicted that the rapture (also known as the second coming of Jesus Christ) will occur on our wedding date.  In the first link, there is an article that details why he is making this prediction.

Now, I am not one to ridicule religion, and this post definitely is not about that; rather, I find it interesting how religious leaders have predicted this same event and other end-of-days proclamations many times over particularly because other religious leaders are having their own reactions to this prediction.

The truth is that I find it amusing and interesting that the end of the world has been predicted to occur on the day I will be promising to spend the rest of my life with someone.

Now to be fair, the rapture has been predicted many a time by many individuals for dates past and future.  But I'm note getting married on those days......

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