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Monday, April 25, 2011


After we decided that Frosting's in Walnut Creek would be our cupcake-provider for the wedding, the next step   was to go back and try as many of their cupcakes as we could so that we would know which ones we wanted.

So maybe we took a little bit of time to get to that step.

So we did it this week.

Chris graciously went to the bakery and ordered 9 cupcakes: 
  1. vanilla with buttercream frosting, 
  2. lemon, 
  3. chocolate with chocolate ganache, 
  4. chocolate with peanut butter frosting, 
  5. chocolate-espresso with espresso-caramel-chocolate frosting which they call a caramel macchiato
  6. black-bottom, 
  7. carrot cake, 
  8. red velvet, 
  9. and chocolate with cream cheese frosting
I provided the knife, napkins, and milk.

Over a grueling 45 minutes Chris and I (along with my wedding coordinator/boss and my dad - since, you know, we were doing the tasting at the office) tried all the flavors.

The results:

A few of them were rather disappointing (*ahem* vanilla and red velvet!!! *ahem*), but a few were super-delish.

The Winners:
  1. Black Bottom
  2. Caramel Macchiato
  3. Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache
  4. Carrot Cake
  5. Lemon
We figure that this will please various taste buds, as well as include our own personal favorites among the options.

There we have it!

I shot off an email to the owner of the shop and will place the custom order in the next few days.
Hopefully they'll be able to decorate with our colors and etc to add to the customization.

Now I have to rope someone into picking them up on the day of the wedding!

Any takers?

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