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Friday, April 8, 2011

Hair Trial

I met with our neighbor slash my sister's best friend slash my regular hair stylist for my wedding hair trial.

Just like I mentioned regarding my accessories, I'm was having difficulty deciding on a style that I want and one that goes with the rest of the style.

First, though:

[[Christopher, this is where you should - once again - stop reading!  Thanks and I love you!!! go away ;) ]]

There we go.
Sometimes these spoiler warnings seem silly, but I definitely don't want him to know and I also definitely want to post.

So there we go.

Anyways, when I met up with her, I brought along a handful of "inspiration" photos:

I know.
It's a lot of pictures.
And there are some themes, and some things I was pretty sure of when I walked in:
(1) mostly an up-do (rather than long and down)
(2) volume!
(3) natural-ish curl
(4) big-ass flower(s)
(5) go with the 1940's/pin-up aesthetic

After  a rough draft and consultation, this is what my girl ended up with:

I think the photos still don't do the whole thing justice, but I really loved my trial. She did a great job listening to my adjustments along the way and we tried a few things before we ended on this.

I love the volume, the curl, and the overall effect.

Well, done friend!!!

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