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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Article: Gender Difference among Couples in Conflict

I stumbled across the following article recently: "Women Have More Intense Emotions Than Men When Conflict Arises Within The Couple"

Yeah, this one has a little bit of a "duh" factor, I know.
I can't help but enjoy it though.  And it helps that this study was published in a peer-reviewed journal.  The author of the article about the actual study printing writes: 
"One could expect men to express more domineering or "powerful" emotions as wrath, anger or despise, and women to have more submissive attitudes guilt, sadness or fear. The results have proved that women feel more intense emotions, both powerful and non-powerful."

Again, not that surprising, but having a scientific study note this definitely makes me and my feminist heart happy and feeling justified.

Even more, the actual authors of the study write: 
"The socio-cultural context and gender-based roles assigned to men and women respectively might have a relevant influence on the generation of expectations concerning their role in relationships and in conflicts within the couple." 

Not that any of this necessarily applies to me, but I do definitely pay a lot of attention to the articles about couples and marriage these days.  I wonder why......

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