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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pins and Sticks

Yesterday I had my first real dress fitting wherein I didn't just put on the dress, I had to stand verrrrrrrry still for a verrrrrrry long time while a woman put many, many pins in my dress in order to make it fit me properly.

Apparently I lost a lot of weight since ordering the dress...which is good, generally speaking, but makes more a much more laborious dress fitting since the dress needs to be taken in on all sides, essentially.  It also means that I don't actually have a good vision as to how I will actually look in my dress.

[Alright Christopher, look away now. I'm going to have to trust that your curiosity doesn't ge the best of you....not like it ever does, which is simply astounding to me since I always want to know what's going to happen.  Maybe that's why I'm marrying you. :) ]

We also worked on adding the halter strap to the dress which, when they pinned on the trial fabric for placement and shape, made an enormous difference in how the dress looked on me.  I knew it would because my shoulders are quite wide indeed and this poorly suited for the proportions in strapless things.  Adding the halter definitely broke up the line of my shoulders, hid the armpit folds (that everyone has to some degree no matter size or shape and that I know I certainly don't find the  most attractive, particulalrly on myself) and changed the whole look of the dress into the pin-up aesthetic which is partly/kind of the point.

It was just me and my step-mom at the fitting, which was nice since we were able to share that together and chat about the wedding one-on-one. 

I also find that I am 100% fickle as all get-out when it comes to completing the look of the dress.  I mean, I picked the shoes, but mostly because I knew I would have to before the fitting for the pinning of the hem.  Other than that, I'm not set on hairstyle, earrings, bracelet, makeup style, or even shoe clips!

The combination of these things can dramatically alter my overall impact - not necessarily better or worse just...different.  I keep finding photos of things that I like that I think will work but then I don't know how I want to put it all together.

Generally, I'm not so great at choosing looks beforehand - I like having lots of styling options in my bag when I travel because I'm never sure how I want to put things together.  Sometimes I like something more subtle, sometimes more dramatic, and other times I just slap it together until I feel like I'm finished or the clock says that it's time to go.

You know what?
Probably I will make ALL of these decisions on the day of the wedding.

Wish me luck!

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