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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Map Project

I have mentioned before that we are getting married at Rush Ranch, which is an entirely open space.
What I may not have made clear is exactly how much we are making this ranch INTO a wedding venue.

Here's the long view of the venue:
You can barely see the connection to the 'main road' right in the top corner.

Now, a little closer:
Some of the buildings become clearer and more discernible.

And this is the space that will be used for the actual wedding:
Buildings, cars, trees, right.

Even though I'd been there more times than anything else, eventually I had to make this so that I could make some sense of what things are and where each part of the wedding will be (yay for Paint):

There we go!
I think maybe one or two small changes have been made, but this is the basic idea of where things will be the day of.   It's a lot of space and it definitely went through many iterations before settling on even the biggest basics, like where dinner and the ceremony will be.
I have sent these to the vendors and given them to the ushers and greeters will definitely have some things to learns about where everything is. 

I love the space and it should be beautiful and green when we get there.

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