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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Final Floral Consult

On Monday, I met with my awesome florist - who also happens to be a family friend - to go over the floral plan for the wedding.


I had no idea how many decisions that would involve me making! Not just the style of my own bouquet, but also the numbers of everything else, styles of the bouquets for others, floral arrangements on tables (and just figuring out how many tables would need flowers was crazy!), boutonneires, and anywhere else that flowers can go.  Then deciding on colors and types of flowers I like...and I know absolutely nothing about flowers.

It was fun, but also challenging because I don't know anything about flowers - which are which, when they're in season, what looks good together, cost, etc. - but also because I don't think I have that many strong opinions on flowers.  I did learn, though, that I have more opinions on them that I would have guessed.

I mean, I like flowers.  I think they're pretty.  I like the way they smell.  I have a couple fave-ish, and a couple hate-ish and that's about where it ends.

Regardless, I know that these flowers are definitely going to add a lot to the overall look of the wedding...and I now know that I looooove the smell of tuberose. :)

It's also really, really nice to know that I can trust my florist and I don't even have to worry about it because I know it's going to be gorgeous.

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