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Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY: Table Numbers

A simple DIY project that I completed a while ago: making the numbers for the tables.

  1. (18) 5"x7" wood frames
  2. Spool of 1/4" red ribbon
  3. Turquoise cardstock
  4. Tan cardstock
  5. Glue stick
  6. Printer
This project is pretty straightforward, so I figure that not too many details are needed.
After giving the frames to Chris to drill the holes in the top parts of the frame for the ribbon to go through, I first made the backing.  
Using a simple floral image, I printed full-size pages of the image onto the turquoise cardstock and trimmed the paper to the needed 5"x7" size.  
Then I used Publisher to create the image on the tan cardstock, selecting a plus-shaped flourish - which I made red in color-and overlaying the numbers in the Captain Howdy font.  The size for these is 4"x6" so that there would be about 1/2" of the blue peeking out as the border.
Cut the pages, and glue them onto the blue - trying my best to center them and only mildly failing towards the end. Once dry, pop the whole deal into the frame.
After that, the harder part: adding the ribbon.  I found that it was easier to do the ribbon if I left the backing of the frame off. It also took a bit of wriggling to get the ribbon through the 1/4" holes and then some adjusting to get the ribbon to tie well enough.

Pretty simple, but it did take a few hours all-told to complete:

I made more than eight, but I was too lazy/demotivated to take them ALL out of the box for the photo.

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