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Monday, March 21, 2011



Just the concept that the wedding is a scant two months hence is shocking to me.
At this point, it's less about how many months are left and more about weeks and days.  (It's less than 9 weeks, by the way or 61 days exactly).
The preparations are rolling along and many decisions have been made.

Some RSVP's have begun to roll in - but not nearly as many as I expected we would have. [This could be construed as hint for those who have yet to RSVP via our website but that is not my intention...exactly.]
I have an upcoming bridal shower, I'm going on a bachelorette weekend getaway next weekend, vendor contracts are signed, DIY projects often underway (many of which I have neglected to write a post about yet -but I will), and my bridesmaids' dresses have come in.

Now, it's down primarily to details.  Important details, but details nonetheless.
It's also down to lots of actions and scheduling.

Back to the spreadsheets!

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