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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridesmaids Dresses: They've Arrived!!

I posted previously about the selection of the bridesmaids dresses, and the vendor I had chosen.
Well, recently, the box arrived from my Etsy vendor: localovespirate, and I thought that she packed them so adorably that I had to take photos.

She put a personal, hand-written note in with the packaging.

Each dress was wrapped with a ribbon and a matching silk flower attached to a clip (which the girls may or may not use).  They also each had attached a business card and some other marketing.

They also came with a photo-list of possible ways to wear the dress (though there are about a bazillion ways these dresses can be worn), which I thought was nice.

I've distributed the dresses to the girls who currently live in the U.S. (sorry Cat!) and got to play around with trying different styles with two of them.  I'm really excited about them, although we did run into two....I don't want to say issues, but that's the only word coming to mind-----oh! considerations!  We ran into two considerations: (1) bras: we definitely need to find styles for these girls that allow them to wear a bra with the dress since my BM's are not flat-chested, and (2) fabric cling: these dresses - in this fabric, anyhow - require that the wearer have a slip or Spanx or similar unless they want every crook, cranny, dip, and bulge evident.

Other than that, though, which should be easily remedied, I can't wait to see them all dressed and prepped and styled on the day.

Yay for my BMs!!!

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