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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shoes: Updated

With the help of my dear friend and bridesmaid, Jessica, we went through all the shoe options I posted before and we made a decision.

On my wedding day, I will be wearing these:

We agreed, however, that the black and silver pouf has to go and that I will replace it with something else.
So I shopped on Etsy for shoe clips that might fit the bill.  Because I'm me, though, I have no idea which one I!
1. Blue Satin with Pearls

2. Lace and Chiffon with Pearls

3. Blue Chiffon with Beads

4. Wrinkled Turquoise Satin

5. Ivory and Aqua with Beads

6. White Chiffon

7. Crystal and Pearl Flower

9. Satin Bows with Crystal Center

They're all around the same price, and I'm sure that all the vendors would make adjustments to customize for me.

So I have no idea which pair I want.

This is the fun kind of dilemma.  Who wants to help me with it?


  1. I like 1,6,9. But, FYI these are super easy to make and if you want to I can help you create one exactly like you want

  2. Yay! Thanks for your help!!!
    And ooooh, I might just take you up on that offer, Nicole!

  3. I like #2. I also love the bows. I worry that if you get something that is turquoise, because your shoes are also turquoise, the coloring might be off and I don't know if that would bug you, but if it were me I wouldn't be happy with it. I like #2 (well, and #9) because they feel sooo bridal to me. 2 months tmrw, doll! YAY!