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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Absence Explained

I feel like every few days or weeks I go through spurts of posting lots and then not posting at all for days.
I think this is partly a good insight into the tumultuousness of my life at the current moment.

Lately, it's about the interviewing process for an internship.  At this time I do not yet have an internship, and the earliest I could find out as of now is March 28th.  After that, if I don't match then the next date is April 8th.  It's all up in the air, and the most challenging part is the interviewing process.

Between the dates of March 7th and March 23rd, my calendar tells me that I have had/have scheduled nine interviews...over 13 business days.  I am flying to LA twice next week for interviews.


The process is draining and the lack of security in terms of the future is anxiety-provoking.  It makes me search for comfort and moments to let go; it makes me tired and sucks all of my remaining motivation completely out of me.  As such, I have been slow at getting to lots of wedding-related projects and even more, lacking the motivation and mental energy to do anything more than the bare minimum in many areas.

Was that a rant?
I'm not sure, but it isn't meant to's simply the fact of my life at the moment and how its affecting me and my wedding-preparation.

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