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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding Dress Ordered!

Yesterday - Monday - I went with my mom, her husband, and two of my bridesmaids to the bridal salon where I had found My Dress in February (my stepmom was only unable to make it due to injury, :(  ).  I didn't purchase then because my mom wanted to pay for it and, as you may remember, she herself was getting married in June; there was no way I was asking her to pay for my dress at the same time everything was needing paying for during her wedding.

So I went back, this time with more people in tow.  Even though I had already found what I was certain would be My Dress, I decided to have some fun and try on some others....just because.  I mean, this is the only time in my life when it's remotely acceptable to try on wedding dresses, so I'm going to have at it at every opportunity.  Ultimately, however, The Dress won out; not only in my estimation, but in that of those who were seeing me in The Dress for the first time.

I tried it on for the second time -- the first time being, remember, *gasp* six months ago -- and emerged from the dressing room with an entirely different look on my face than when I had come out with the others on.   The reaction by my entourage was immediate and lovely.  They love it.  I love it.

It helps me feel exactly how I want to feel on my wedding day: beautiful, timeless, confident, and romantic.

I'm avoiding describing the dress itself for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Christopher is decidedly not allowed to see the dress before the day of the wedding.  We're making this choice not out of superstition, but because it's fun and we like the tradition.  Links to photos are posted below, with a spoiler warning.  If you'd like this to be a surprise, by all means, don't click through and I won't ruin anything.


We placed the order for the dress and it will come in sometime in January or February.  Yeah.  That's how long it takes for wedding dresses to be know, unless I have a bajillion dollars to spend on it  I get a rush order.

Oh!  Other good news, I won't have to hem it (90% sure on that one).  It's just long enough that when I put my shoes on with it, the dress ended up being just the right length.  Hopefully, this means that the alterations will only be minor and thus, less costly.

Bad news, and related to a previous post: my dress is being ordered in a size 16.  Now, typically, I wear a street size 12.  Lately, I've gained some weight, so some of my clothes are a size 14.  And, even when ordering the 16, based on the measurements, it's still a bit too small for my hips and bust.  It's also a bit too big for my waist, which I find helped soften the blow somewhat. 

Although the idea of ordering the size 16 didn't actually impact me emotionally at all (thankfully!), the same ideas about vanity and weight continued to come back to me.  Because, also, at this moment, I am heavier than I like being, I will be losing some weight between now and the time my dress comes in...but probably not tons (as per my plan).  I guess I don't have a whole lot more to say about it, except that it's the case.

On the happier side once again, I am so amazingly excited about my dress.  Even though he has no idea what it looks like (or shouldn't!!!!  and I'm trusting him not to look at it before the wedding!!!), I know Christopher will love it and love me in it.


You sure you want to see it?


You'd better be, because it's not something you can un-see.

And Christopher, if you've made it this far, you've gone too far!!  Go play video games or something!  I managed to wait more than a YEAR and a HALF to open a note that was in my hands - you can manage the suspense of seeing me in a dress.  Plus, I will [ostensibly] look way better on the actual day than I do in these photos.


(I had waaaaay too much fun writing this massively unnecessary spoiler alert!)

Here it comes:

So here are the links to the dress from different sides and with different veils:
(and please keep in mind that the dress I'm wearing is 4 sizes smaller than the dress I'm ordering.)
[OH! And please try to leave specifics out of any comments, so that Chris doesn't accidentally get info.  Thanks!]

The dress as it is in the catalog.

In the dress with a birdcage veil.

Two different views (one and two) with a longer, fingertip veil.  The first one is, I think one of the best views of the dress from these photos.

With another veil (hard to tell in the pic, but it's one-layer with scalloped edges and beading on the edges).

A decent-ish photo with the same veil as above.

I'm making an awesome face.  Also here.  :)

Don't I look happy?

AND, about that alteration, I'm going to add a wide-stance classic halter strap.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!!!
And, if you don't like the dress, I don't want to know :)


  1. Girl, wedding dresses are F-ed up and ALWAYS run small. My dress was a size 12!!! No worries. I haven't even looked at the photos yet, but you are going to be stunning. Can't wait :)

  2. Oh, I know. I realized that EARLY on in the trying process. It's so nuts and really annoying.
    And thanks for the confidence, B!

  3. Carolynn, it's gorgeous! You look so pretty and elegant. Congrats! It will be awesome!

    Kirsten Bradford