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Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Really Happening

As I sit in the Orlando airport, having just spent the long weekend with my immediate and extended family at the Shades of Green DisneyWorld Resort (reserved for military members only), I am thinking over the weekend's events.
The primary reason for our trip here is my cousin's wedding; it was the first wedding on that side of my family that I was able to attend.  We also came to celebrate my little sister's 21st birthday by going to Harry Potter Land (which was amazing and so much fun, even if I was melting the whole time).

More of what I'm thinking about, though, is what awaits me when we land back in Oakland tonight.

For the past months and weeks, I have been dabbling in wedding planning either because it was too early to be able to book certain things or because I was too busy with school+practicum+work.  But now, I look at the upcoming weeks and there are no classes coming up (no more classes forever, yay!), I have transitioned out of my past year's practicum, and into my current one.  I'm working, but not a whole lot.  I have my dissertation, but I'm in a bit of a waiting pattern.
I also took a look at the wedding date countdown I have running here on the top of the blog.  Nine months and change before the big day.  That seems so much closer than 10 months.  It means that this really is the time for me to be making things happen.

This is exciting, most certainly; I am definitely a planner, I enjoy making things happen like that and adding my personal touches to such an important day.  At the same time, I've been engaged for more than a year is when I'm really starting to feel engaged.  My cousin's wedding is over, so I'll be mailing the remainder of the Save-The-Date magnets as soon as we get home.  I have plans to purchase my dress next week, set up meetings with the caterer, go visit a hotel where I'll book a bunch of rooms, a scheduled time to talk with our officiant, have additional meetings with our florist, and have visions of table runners (rent? buy? neither?) dancing through my mind.

The venue is booked, the photographer and videographer and booked, florist booked, Save-The-Dates on their way to some, already arrived for others.

For so long, it felt like: "yeah, we're getting married, but for a while yet."  Now it feels like: "it's happening so soon, and there's still much to do."

The ball is rolling, and it's not too early for us to be tacking any part of the wedding.
It's an exciting time, and I am so thrilled when I think about marrying the man who now sits next to me with a chemistry book in his lap and a pen in his mouth.
I am also starting to feel a bit gobsmacked as the realization comes down that it's happening....and much, much sooner than I realized it would feel.

Wish me luck (and safe travels)!

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