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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Dress

Short post today, just to share some excitement.

Having found my dress months ago, we finally have a day set aside for myself and other important people to go and BUY MY WEDDING DRESS.

I'm feeling strangely nervous about it, honestly; I want to put it on again and I can't wait to take photos of myself in it (because they don't let you unless you purchase) and add maybe veils and whatnot to make some decisions.
I love the dress and I remember the feeling I had when I put it on for the first time.

I also know that I've gained probably 10-15 pounds since, and when I originally tried it on, the sample dress fit me beautifully (for once!).  I'm also nervous about committing to the decision of one dress because that means I don't get to try on other dresses anymore and that this is the dress I want to see myself in for the rest of my life...because wedding photos last forever.

Either way, I'll have photos on Monday and will post them as soon as possible after that.

Just another turn of the page in the wedding planning process.  I love it.

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