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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Colors, Duh!

I write "duh!" because I meant to post on this a while ago, but it completely left my brain.

Since we have been engaged since last May, and talking about getting married for more than a year prior to that, I have been thinking about colors and going back and forth among probably six or seven different possible color combinations. My mind has been going something like this:
Well, bright definitely.
But not too bright. This isn't kindergarten.
So tropical-ish colors.
Tropical? That doesn't go at all with the rustic sensibility.
Ugh. Fine.
Ok, how about raspberry and lime?
Chris thinks it's too mature for us and what we're going for.
What about shades of green?
Green is my favorite color.
Too much green. I mean, I like green, but I feel like the wedding needs more than just green and neutrals. We're more dynamic than that.
How about something like this?
Oooh! I like that. I'm not so big on on orange OR yellow, though. But I like it.
Fine! Let's do it!
But I found this palette and I like it, too!
Oooh! Oooh! What about this one?
Bold! Fun!
Would my 'maids hate it? Is it too...much?
Which one!
I don't know!!!

This went on, circling round and round different color options.
Hours spent on color-palette building sites.

Here's the color palette we've chosen (first, I beg, vehemently, for your forgiveness of my horrendous skillz with piecing together different pictures I like):

GINGHAM! That goes with rustic/country.
But not over-the-top, in my opinion.
I love red.
I love turquoise.
I own cowboy boots in both colors.
I mix these colors in my wardrobe all the time.
Chris is on board.

Done deal!

BONUS: my girls think it's cool and fun. We're talking about possibly doing turquoise dresses with red shoes!

Now it's time for a nap.

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