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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Location, Location, Location

I apologize for not putting this up yesterday, as I meant to, but the day ended up going longer than I thought it would.
Yesterday, I went with my parents (read: father, stepmother, mother, and mother's fiance) to view Rush Ranch as a potential wedding venue. Chris and I had visited together several weeks ago - in the pouring rain - and had absolutely loved it.
Rush Ranch is part of the Solano County land trust here in Northern California, essentially a private park with upwards of 2,000 acres to its credit.
We loved it, and so wanted the parents' thumbs-up, because it is beautiful, isolated, rustic, fun, and youthful. It also has lots of benefits like few requirements - e.g. no 'required' caterers, and relaxed time limits - a guest house that sleeps 5-7 comfortably, a projector and projector screen, indoor spaces, outdoor spaces, great photo op areas, and more.

So, taking the parents there, I was nervous and hopeful for their approval - a similar feeling to the one I had when I was first introducing them to Chris.
Here is some of what we saw:

I have tons more photos, but I think this gives a good sense of how it looks.
We were there at sunset, so I got some photos of that, but since my camera just a simple point-and-click, it doesn't look that great.

Ultimately, the parents decided that this place has some serious drawbacks: no A/C in any of the buildings, probability of bees/wasps/bugs during the wedding (we're having it during summertime), and being kind of far from where they live.
Fortunately, there are solutions for many of these concerns.
They hemmed and hawed a bit, and showed little to no enthusiasm. They all kept saying things about this being my wedding and that I should have it how I want it to be, and how the place suits me and Chris, and things like this. Good things, but no excitement, no happiness that we seemed to have found our wedding venue.
And, they all gave the so-desired thumbs-up.

So it looks like we have our wedding venue!
I am absolutely excited about it and all the possibilities that come with it.

One more step, one more decision down in me and Chris creating our perfect wedding (which will be appropriately imperfect).

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