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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gone Postal

I just want to share my excitement that the first round of invitations - that's some 70-odd invites - went to the care of the United States Postal Service today!!

While we are still waiting on a good handful of confirmed addresses for friends and family members, but we figure that they won't know the difference or mind.

We did a lot of DIY on the invitation prep and packaging, so I'll post about that later (plus pictures).  For now, I'm just excited to have taken that step.  It's a big and important one.

Although it was a task that could have been undertaken by one person, I decided that Chris and I should definitely do this one together.  Although we had collaborated on prepping the invites and had them all wrapped, sealed, and stamped when we arrived at the Post Office, we still went to the self-service machine to check the postage so as to avoid 70 returned envelopes for insufficient postage.

We click the buttons, do the thing, and - lo and behold! - the machine tells us that it will be $0.81 per envelope.  But, but!!  All my internetz research said it should just be $0.64 - the extra just to account for their square shape.
So we take the shoe-box full of invites to the counter (just inching in before the lunchtime rush, phew!!) and look to our friendly neighborhood government employee for confirmation that the machine was wrong.
It was.
Instead, the correct postage cost is: $1.03 per invite.
So we shelled out for another $0.44 stamp each (just for simplicity).

Theeeeeeeeeeeen, after several peel-and-stick repetitions we tooks our hefty stacks and slid them, a few at a time, into the mailing slots.
With the last stack going in Chris looks at me and goes: "duhn, duhn, DUUUUUHN!!!"

We laughed.
We left.

We're ready for this.

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