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Friday, February 11, 2011


Long ago, we decided to have a friend of ours - an aspiring professional baker - make our wedding cake.
Today, we had our consultation with her.

It was so delightful.
She brought us three mini cakes to taste in three flavors specified by Chris: chocolate, lemon, and pineapple-strawberry.

Now, as I posted before, this cake is not going to be eaten by anyone but us since we're having the cupcakes for the guests.  That meant that Chris and I didn't have to consider anyone but the two of us when making decisions about the cake.

When she came in, we dove right into the cakes.
The chocolate and lemon were super-delicious, so Chris and I settled on those.

Then we discussed with our cake-baker about the look that we wanted.
The only thing I knew going into the meeting other than size was that I wanted the frosting to be white (we went with buttercream) and I wanted it to look like a cake.
We came up with something like this:

Except that instead of the flower on top it will be our logo printed on white chocolate, and instead of the black ribbon it will be red/white gingham ribbon, and instead of plain white fondant it will be buttercream with some turquoise colored white chocolate flowers.

Maybe that's a lot of qualifiers, but I couldn't find a better photo.

I was definitely impressed with her and I can't wait to see our actual cake on our wedding day.

Plus!  She said she was going to do trial-runs, and she'll send us photos when she does.  I love cake.

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