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Monday, January 17, 2011

Check, Check, Check!

Far more than I have in the past few weeks, I got a lot of things done regarding the wedding, and I feel pretty good about it.

  • I ordered the bridesmaid dresses, and I cannot wait to have them come in (approximately 6 weeks from now).
  • I ordered all the postage for the invitations.
  • I folded some of the invitations together (I have petal holders, so the invites go in the middle and have to be folded in just so).
  • I made the list of places Chris and I will scope out to provide the cupcakes for the wedding.
  • Talked to my sister about the bachelorette trip.
  • Talked to other family members about various tasks and etc.
  • Completed the hotel reservations.
  • I created and worked on the very long and detailed to-do list for me and Chris, which has included scheduling out many wedding-related activities for the near future.
  • Chris and I decided that we're going to buy my wedding band tomorrow (yay!).

aaaaaaaand I think that's it.

It definitely feels good to be putting some checks in those boxes. Lately I've been having a lot of difficulty in getting things done, and not just for the wedding (as yet, my dissertation defense edits - which are relatively simple and straightforward - remain incomplete).

There are still plenty more details to handle, and, despite my earlier post, as the days pass and the timeline shortens, my pulse quickens to think about everything that I'm not doing. It's not that I expect the day to be perfect...I just don't want to miss out on having or doing something that I want simply because I'm not organized enough.  I don't want to let anything important slip through the cracks.

I'm certain that it doesn't help, either, that, school-wise this is a difficult time for me because I am soooooooclose to being done with my dissertation, and I'm still waiting to find out where I'll live and what I'll be doing next year. The earliest I'll know anything is February 25th, which is torturous for someone like me who would really rather know right now.

Hopefully, things will keep running as smoothly as they have been, and I'll feel even calmer and more accomplished as things happen.

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