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Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh Baby!

Big news.
I mean, big.

But probably old news to [many of] you who read these posts.

What's that?  Oh, you want to know what that actual big news is?
Fine, I suppose:

My sister-in-law is pregnant!!

Here's how I found out.
I was invited by my father to join the family for a family dinner in honor of my brother's friend's boyfriend's birthday.  Yeah.  This was a little weird, but not that weird since people tend to fall in love with my family (or else find it horrendously obnoxious) which means that people who are not related by blood or marriage often join our dinner tables more frequently than seems typical.
I had plans to hang out with my bestie, but we decided to go ahead and both go to the dinner since - hey! - free food and generally good company.  So we went (along with Chris), socialized with everyone before the meal, and sat down to eat.
Sister-in-law suggests, casually, that my brother do the prayer (instead of our dad, essentially).  My brother begins the prayer, sending thanks for things like the food, the family's general health, and etc.
Then he gives thanks for the birthday boy......and THEN he says "and thank you for the baby in [my wife's] tummy."

Absolute silence ensued.
Typically, after the prayer ending we all loudly and cheerfully say "AMEN!" (even those of us who are not religious, just cause it's fun).
That night: silence.
I'm looking at my brother with a confounded expression written ALL over me.
I think I speak for all the dinner attendees when I say that, at first, we weren't sure that he was serious.  My brother is known as a joke-ster and his delivery is usually quite dry, so this type of joke wouldn't be unusual for him.
I looked to my left and right, down the table to my dad and step-mom, back at my brother and his wife.  My brother looks amused; my sister-in-law looks scared.
I ask if he's serious.
He, still smiling, nods.
I look around again.
I ask again.
Same answer.
Everyone is slowly regaining a sense of how the world is turning.
And then....I start crying.  No more words.  Just a really hideous crying face (*exactly* like the ones I'd made at their wedding several months earlier).
I jumped up out of my chair and gave my brother and sister-in-law each a hug.

My dad is still upset at being so completely caught off-guard.

The baby is due on Valentine's day of next year, so there will be a beautiful niece or nephew attending his/her very first wedding in May.

I still tear up thinking about it.
I cannot wait to be an auntie.