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Sunday, July 18, 2010


First, I want to add a kind of explanation regarding my absence.  You see, I have been meaning to write new blog posts and actually post them, truly.  Lots of things have been happening and I have tons of ideas about what I want to write about and's just been a crazy-life a Chez Carolynn. So, hopefully I'll be better at being diligent in keeping up so that all 4 people who read this know every detail. (Please note: I am laughing at my own narcissism and shaking my head at my own feeling of needing to apologize for having gone *gasp* TWELVE DAYS ZOMG! without posting about my wedding planning for a wedding that is 10 months away.)


My family threw Chris and me (and yes, that's the correct grammar) an engagement party last Saturday.  We invited those who we thought would be able to make it out for the party and tried to keep the guest list manageable.  It was held in my father and step-mother's backyard, with tacos and quesadillas made to order, a chocolate fountain, and a beautiful (although very hot) day.
Chris' mother, stepfather, and brothers all made it out from Hawai'i and New York for the party, which was truly lovely.  Because my family lives in the area, it was easier for them to make it, so I had lots of family and friends there at the party which was excellent.
Here are some highlights:
--Chris was embarrassed by a game we were forced to play by my parents (think "Newlywed Game" style questions)
--We failed miserably at the game....whoops!
--My father and stepmother surprised us with a gift of gorgeous toasting flutes (we weren't registered for any)
--Chocolate from the fountain got all over the place
--Siblings and parents gave speeches
--I completely forgot about my camera after guests started arriving, so I only have photos of the decor.
--The flowers were amazing!
--I hardly saw Chris at all, because we were socializing with different groups at different times
--I feel like I didn't talk much to anyone at all!! (I guess this will be more intense at the wedding!)

There was more, but that's what comes to mind at the moment.
All in all, we had a great afternoon and evening, and it was wonderful to see our families mingling and getting to know one another better.

For those etiquette sticklers: yes, I know that, typically an engagement party is held 1-4 months following the actual engagement and, thus, our party is a little out of line with that, being 14 months post-engagement.  We have our reasons for that being the case, but I don't feel the need to justify it.  It's frustrating, though, that people would be irritated with this 'breach' of tradition as if it were a big deal...because it's not.  I trust and hope that there weren't any invited to the party who chose not to attend for that reason alone.


  1. As one of the four (haha, prob more!!) people who reads this, I want you to post more. Even if its not about the wedding. Because now I live far. And I miss your life! So glad the Eparty was a success (that sounds like an internet party, btw) and sincerely hope ppl stop worrying about etiquette and you and Chris are able to say, "screw it!!" when it comes to etiquette you don't agree with... since honestly etiquette is often outdated yet somehow seems to be a HUGE deal to a LOT of people! Lastly, at your wedding you WILL feel like you didn't see anyone, but you will also be WITH Chris the whole time (mostly)... except still not really talking to him haha. Enjoy the taking pics together part... bc that is really the only time you'll have, just the two of you, and it is special :).

  2. Awwwww, thanks, B!

    And yes, I will try to post more!! If only for you, darling!