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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Other Sister

So my last - and obviously quite thrilling - post was about my family.
Then I realized I left out some extraordinarily important news!

In 1996, I, along with my family, moved from Missouri out here to California.
Cut to two years later, I have few friends, but I join a Girl Scout Troop.  Here, I met Jessica.  Things started kind of rough, with both of us feeling each other out; she was defending her position as the bossiest among us, and I was the newcomer, trying to find my place among girls who had known each other for a very long time.
Cut two twelve years later and we are best friends, but we behave more like sisters.  That is, we never needed to see or talk to each other every minute of every day because our relationship is such that we're just there for one another in an intangible way.  So she is my sister.
In May 2009, I got engaged.
In December 2009, she got engaged.
Her wedding is June 2011.
My wedding is May 2011.
Cut one more time to last week: I get a phone call from her (a rarity, as neither of us are much for talking on the phone).  She's calling to inform me that she and her beau are moving to back to the area!  This will be the first time since 2003 that we have lived in the same geographical area.
I could not have been more thrilled.
Even better: since she is getting married a scant 5 weeks after we are, and her wedding is set for the SF Bay, as well, we will get to plan our weddings TOGETHER!

One more thing:
She's planned her arrival (by sheer happenstance) to be on the day before or day of my engagement party; that's only a handful of days away at this point!

I cannot wait to have all my sisters - and incidentally, bridesmaids - here: genetic, step-, in-law, and friend.

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