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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So Close

This morning, I checked the countdown clock I have running now on my phone and I realized that my mother's wedding is coming up in two and a half weeks. That feels so close, and, the closer we get to it, the more excited I become. (We also have her bachelorette party this weekend -- more about that in another post.)

It has truly been joyful to watch my mother become so excited about her impending nuptials. While planning and organization is not necessarily her strongest skill set, things seem to mostly be coming together and I feel less and less like I need to be guiding her along in getting things accomplished.

I must admit, when the engagement was first announced - a few days after Christmas - I was wary about whether or not this was truly what my mother wanted. In making the announcement, my mother's new fiance was clearly excited and proud about the development, but my mother was subdued and contributed little to the conversation.
Concerned, I asked her about this at a later date and my fears were assuaged; it seems that her reticence was primarily due to nerves at making such a large announcement to her children. Even more, over the past several months, I have been able to see her more relaxed and excited about her relationship with her fiance and any lingering concerns thankfully dissolved.

It is such a blessing to see my mother so happy with her relationship and her life in general. Most people know that my relationship with my mom has not always been sunshine and roses; frankly, things between us have been difficult for a very long time. Over the past few years, however, I have seen a change in her that has led to consistent and steady improvement in our relationship. And now, with helping her plan her wedding and being able to share in her joy, I find it much easier to relate to her and to be genuinely happy for her.
I suppose what I mean to say is that, while I am definitely happy for my mother's happiness for its own sake, I am also very glad that her happiness has acted as a salve to the rifts in our relationship.

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