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Friday, June 25, 2010



Written yesterday (Thursday, 6/24) at 1:00pm:
Today makes me feel like I could definitely make a career out of being a wedding coordinator or fashion stylist. So far, I have worked on making the escort cards and table cards, been to Macy's to pull options for mom's reception dress, and am currently in search of a bra the will not only fit properly but actually do what I neeed it to for this event.

Cut to the next morning and I haven't even been able to finish the above blog entry.

I don't want to try and explain everything at this moment, while I sit in my car waiting for the doors on the building for my practicum to be unlocked - it's not yet 7:30am.

About yesterday, suffice to say I nearly cried in a Nordstrom's dressing room as yet another bra - probably my 20th that day - was not going to work, and, by the time bedtime rolled around, many tasks had been done...but many had not.

In good news, I have been officially promoted to Maid of Honor as of last night's rehearsal dinner. Which means writing a speech, but that's totally cake for me.

I love my mother AND I will not allow myself to be in my current state of disrepair on the eve of my own wedding (for which we are now under the 11-month mark).

I am so thoroughly looking forward to 12:30. That's haircut and blow-out time.  I have a family friend do my hair, so it's nice that I don't have to fake chatter with a semi-stranger or sit in uncomfortable silence; I can just talk to a person that I care to talk to.

My mind seems to have scattered itself into a piecemeal of related thoughts, but without segues among them.

Also, just because it seems like a good idea right now, I plan to liveblog tomorrow; updates will come as they happen (or not, if things are too crazed).

Now it's time to shift gears into thinking about a young girl and her intellectual capabilities, so that I can finish my report about same and provide recommendations to this family about bolstering the academic functioning of a girl with low to average abilities.

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