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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Well, not just for anyone, but I'm definitely serving that function for my mom.
She and my sister came over on Sunday and we spend several hours planning and trying to get things done.
There are now 66 days until the wedding and a great many things on the to-do list that still need to be to-done. It doesn't help the planning process that my mom's computer was still acting kinda hinky, so she doesn't use it hardly at all.

So anyways, I went over last night to deliver the phone charger she'd left at my place on Sunday and I offered to take on more responsibilities as her acting maid of honor (the official maid of honor is actually my former babysitter and she does not live here, so I'm standing in for things like planning and execution).

It's kind of nice to see the later stages of planning and how that all goes, even before the big day, but it sure is frustrating to have really and truly no control. I like control. Especially when it comes to planning and follow-through. These are my strengths....and I am not within my bounds to employ them much at the moment.

In good news on that front, many things have been decided and executed, including the fact that my sister and I now officially have our bridesmaids dresses (and I have my shoes), although both of our dresses need some tailoring, which is something we must do, and soon.
We have also made some decisions regarding the bachelorette party, which will include both karaoke and sushi...both of which are things I love. So, yay! (More on that at another time.)

Altogether, it seems like I'm not just organizing the to-do list, but also the other people involved (my sister, mom, and her fiance).

I wanted to post about doing all this, but now I feel that what I've written is disjointed and poorly organized (noting the irony that I've just listed organization as my strength at the same time as nothing that I'm not doing it so well right now....). But I'll leave it since I feel that it reflects my state of mind.
I'm exhausted.
I could sleep for a very, very long time right now.
At this moment my eyes are drooping, but I must remain awake to complete my responsibilities for the day.

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