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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Date is Saved!

I must admit, I’m a bit on a high at the moment.

Last night, Chris and I selected our Save-the-Dates and ordered them!

This is the template we used (changed the colors, for sure), and this is the photo we used. I'll post what they actually look like when they come.

This is officially our first wedding purchase. Yes, I’ve bought bridal magazines and gone dress shopping, and spent more time online researching and thinking about planning than I should, but this is the first time we have actually bought anything for the wedding.

And, I am surprised, but clicking those buttons and anticipating their arrival in the mail very nearly brought me to tears. I think part of that is that Chris and I have been engaged for very nearly a year (it will be exactly a year on Saturday), and I have been wanting to go-go-go-go since the beginning and now I finally can.

There is also something thrilling about making the decision on the date (despite obstacles to doing so). Even more, ordering a product saying so that we get to send out to people is an incredible kind of high. People have known about our engagement and been asking about a wedding date for a while, so now it’s quite nice to officially sate their thirst.

Ordering the Save-the-Dates also makes me feel like the ball of our wedding is finally rolling.

We really are doing this.

In about a year – which is sufficiently close for me to be able to begin planning in earnest.

And I get to.

And I am.

I’m almost giddy. J

Next up: doing an initial flower consult on Sunday with our great family friend who will also be our florist.