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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Engagement Party...Parties?

I haven't mentioned much about Chris and his plans as yet, but it has become clear that Chris will be completing the Pacific Crest Trail - a 5-6 month hike from Mexico into Canada - during this summer. He plans to leave for this adventure in early May, as soon after his birthday (May 1st) as possible.
This had led us to deciding to adjust the date for our formal, official, big engagement party from Memorial Day weekend, and want to have it earlier in May.
While no one has had a problem with this proposition, they have brought up some good points and some convincing arguments for having the party when Chris returns from the hike, which would be in early October, most likely.
On the one hand, if we waited until October, it would be warmer than early May (possibly), the addition on my dad's house (where the party will be held) will be finished and the yard re-planted following the construction, and it allows more time for possible out-of-towners to join us.
On the other hand, May is much, much sooner and we have been engaged for almost a year already, I'm not really sure that it will be warmer in October, many friends may be moving away from the area and thus unable to attend in October, and I feel like having the engagement party in October and then getting married the following May feels kind of scrunched.

A suggestion appears:
Have a birthday/going-away party for Chris on May 1st AND call it also an engagement party - for Chris' and my friends, particularly - and then have a SECOND engagement party when Chris returns and invite a larger group of people to that party.

Again, a weighing of options ensues.
One hand - I have already had a pseudo-engagement party immediately following the engagement itself and I feel like having three engagement parties (thrown by the same people, no less) is a bit greedy and tacky.
But I do like parties.
Even more, I like parties in my honor.
But still....greedy.
I kind of want the "real" party sooner.
But I don't know.

Even better?
I definitely need to decide soon because the closer we get to the potential party date, the more quickly I need to make a decision.

I have NO idea what I should do.

Anyone want to offer suggestions?

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