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Saturday, July 2, 2011

42 Days In

It has been a whole 42 days since Christopher and I tied to knot to officially become husband and wife!

I know that I haven't posted updates as I intended to, but I beg your pardon for that because we were ridiculously busy and exhausted with the whirlwind that came after the wedding! We went to Monterey for four days and enjoyed ourselves relaxing and just enjoying the peace of our mutual company.

When we got back, however, we had to dig in. We returned just before the end of May and we needed to be moved out of our apartment by the end of June and, similarly, moved into a new apartment in Los Angeles by that same time since my internship was scheduled to start on July 5th.

The first couple of weeks were spend packing, packing, and more packing until we took a trip to LA to search for our apartment. We did find the place, and more on that - with photos - soon, I hope.

Then, four weeks to the day after Chris and I married, my best friend - and one of my bridesmaids - was married herself, so that kept me busy for a good few days. (It was so lovely and I definitely cried lots!!!)

My little brother graduated high school, so we helped with a party for that - yay!

So, see, after the wedding we had a move, finding a place, managing Chris' injury, my bestie's wedding, and my brother's graduation.

We have been busy.

But this week, Chris and I - with the generous help of my family members - packed up two vehicles, drove to LA, and moved everything into the new apartment here. We arrived on Monday, Chris left early Wednesday morning, and I have spent the time since then both settling into the new place (I'm ALMOST there) and catching up on things that first had to get put off because of the wedding and then later because of the move.

In addition, I received the news this week that my internship will now be starting on August 15th instead of July 5th for some very frustrating reasons that I won't get into here and now. That means that I am here in LA without my husband for six weeks without my 40-hour-per-week job. There are upsides (finishing projects and taking a breather) and downsides (being ALL alone virtually all day, every day) but hopefully I'll be back in the bay for a visit soon and often.

It is going to be an interesting chapter, this first year of our marriage.
I suspect that, even with the challenges we're seeing ahead, it will be a good one...

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