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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh, I Like The Way He Looks

We decided long ago that Chris would be wearing a nice suit for the wedding rather than a tuxedo.  It's less taboo now to do so, especially because our wedding is going to be on the less formal side.  Plus, why rent a tux when we can just buy a suit that he gets to keep and will be able to wear again and again.

So when we noticed that Men's Wearhouse was having a huge Columbus Day sale, we jumped on it....Chris somewhat more reluctantly than than I.  Let me tell you, the experience was not what I expected, but it was definitely good.

Now, I've never been suit shopping - you nearly fell out of your seat with shock, didn't you? - and Chris had only ever been once. Just a few minutes after walking in, we were helped by one of the very talkative salespeople.  Thankfully, he was able to tell us a lot about what we should look for fit-wise, and helped us select everything Chris needed.

The only other time I have shopped with someone helping like that is when I went wedding dress shopping, which was still an entirely different experience.

This guy just kept bringing out different things for Chris to try without us asking for them, sharing too much about his own personal life, and giving us his preferences and opinions on things.

In all, the experience was really nice.
We left having purchased more than we expected, but a prudent amount of clothing.

The most important piece of the purchase was Chris' wedding suit - including the shirt, shoes, belt, socks, tie, and pocket square for him to wear.
Even though we didn't put the whole look together at once, I know it will look even better then.

I can't wait to see it all together and see him standing, 7 months from now, waiting at the end of a pathway among our family and friends.


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